6355 – 190kV Sensored Motor

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One of the most popular choices of motors for dual motor electric skateboards, this is possibly the perfect motor for dual motor configuration – it’s lightweight, reliable and gives great acceleration, torque, top speed and breaking.

  • Hall Sensors
  • Flexible Silicon  Wires
  • Keyway on shaft

Each motor is supplied with:

  •  3 x 4mm Female Bullet Connectors

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The built-in Hall sensors ensure that these motors will start from a standstill with ease. If you are wondering if you want sensors – yes you do if you are using a FOCBOX, VESC or similar speed controller.

Kilovolts: 190
Max Power: 2450 Watts
Max Current: 65A
Voltage: 6S – 12S
Sealed Motor: Yes
Shaft Diameter: 8mm
Shaft Length: 23mm
Length of motor including shaft: 77.5mm
Length of Motor Can: 54mm
Width of Motor Can: 63mm
Weight of Motor: 571g
Wire: Flexible Silicon
Connectors: Supplied with 3 x 4mm Female Gold Plated Bullet connectors
Keyway:  Keyway on shaft (key not supplied, available here)
Sensor: Hall Sensor


Please Note:

  • For dual 6355 motor configurations standard sized trucks and motors mounts can be used thanks to the short body of this motor.
  • While this motor can be used in a single motor skateboard configuration we do not recommend this.

Additional information

Weight 0.62 kg
Dimensions 13 × 8 × 7 cm

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